Who we are and
what we believe

Partner with us to see Jesus’ mission fulfilled
“Where it's Pleasant on the hill”

What we Believe

To have transformed lives that
reflect the Kingdom of God.
To disciple and equip the Church to impact the world through preaching and teaching God’s Word.
Come grow with us where
it’s pleasant on the hill.

About Us

Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church was established in 1869 under the leadership of Reverend Watson. Services took place in Brush Harbor at Baldwin Place, a meeting place for slaves.  Between 1885 and 1942, many shepherds...

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Our Leader

Portrait of Pastor Terry Whitaker smiling

Terry L. Whitaker, Sr., ThD

Senior Pastor
Dr. Terry L. Whitaker, Sr., has served as Senior Pastor of Pleasant Hill Missionary
Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia, since 2011.  He and the Pleasant Hill family are
seeing God’s unending promises and purposes manifest daily as God leads and ...
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Senior Pastor

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Senior Pastor


Giving comes out of an understanding that all of our financial resources comes from God. It is a gift, not for hoarding or using selfishly, but for continued use in building up the Kingdom of God. We give to honor God by returning a portion of the substance in which He has blessed us.